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Adds welcome and brings offering... [Jul. 8th, 2006|12:34 am]


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Hi! ok this is me adding my welcome...and what's nicer and more welcoming than two hot guys smooshing with food. :D

Title: Cake
Author: Jo
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McShep
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes:This was written a while ago so you may have already read it, but it's food and hotboy porn so I figured why not! :D
Disclaimer: I only dream that these guys were mine. I own nothing but a few tired brain cells and a strange sense of humour. You can have them if you want to! ;)

The Cake was chocolate fudge, deliciously warm chocolate fudge. Creamy and gooey, rich and decadent, made to be eaten oh so slowly--savoured, so that the taste exploded in your mouth and then melted against your tongue, teasing your taste buds as it trickled down the back of your throat.

John paused and wondered when he got so poetic about food. Food was supposed to just be fuel, energising the body. Sure it, for the most part, tasted good but John had to wonder when it became such an intense pleasure that he craved, that he lusted for.

Looking down he had the answer.

Rodney McKay, spread out, naked and bound to the bed. Blue eyes bright, shining with lust. Hot, crooked mouth wet and shiny, tainted slightly in each corner with traces of chocolate.

Warm chocolate fudge smeared in a sweet stripe from his throat, down between his nipples--over his stomach, along his hard cock. John's mouth watered as he bent his head, mouthing Rodney's skin along the same trail. Smiling in between erotic nibbles as Rodney arched off the bed gasping, begging John to "Stop" and then "More...oh God! Please NEVER stop"

John tasted the sweetness of the fudge mingling with the bitter sweet chocolate and then there was the hint of saltiness that was Rodney, bursting through and teasing John's senses.

John groaned as he found his final destination. He opened his mouth wide and sucked hard as his mouth engulfed Rodney's cock, adding another taste to the mix--this one musky and pure Rodney, that fact alone making the taste even sweeter for John.

John swirled his tongue over and over, his hands stroking through the slight traces of chocolate left on Rodney's chest before fluttering down to squeeze at Rodney's thighs--pushing them further apart. John sucked Rodney deeper, revelling in the strangled moan erupting from the scientist. Rodney begged and John provided, moving his hand to caress Rodney's ass, stroking a single fudge slicked finger over the puckered hole.

Then he was sucking hard and deep, swallowing Rodney's cock to the root, swirling his tongue along the pulsing shaft as he pushed his finger past the tight ring of muscle.

Rodney screamed as he came, arching his back as the guttural sound burst from him. John swallowed and swallowed, his finger moving slowly in and out of Rodney until his orgasm had abated. John then released Rodney's cock with a soft "plop" and moved back up the sated, yet still gasping, scientist's prone form, placing soft kisses on sticky skin.

As John untied Rodney and curled himself around him he smiled.

Food had never been this appealing.